Our Promise

At Sculpted, we aim at providing exceptional services to our clients who insist on nothing less than highly qualified practitioners for treatments on their body. At Sculpted you can feel reassured that you are in safe hands, our comprehensive treatments are followed up by a thorough aftercare plan along with reviews and management of any side effects/complications.  We are proud to provide the widest range of treatments offered by any clinic in this region.

Our Vibe

Client comfort is our utmost priority. We want you to feel welcomed and make treatment an enjoyable and relaxing experience. We have friendly staff who are always available to help you with your needs and questions. We offer bespoke treatments according to our patients individual requirements, often tailoring treatment plans to bring out the best possible results. You can even choose the music you would like to be played during your treatment or the drink you would like to have before or after the treatment.

Our Story

I have worked extensively for the NHS in all departments and specialities and for the last 6 years have been working exclusively in Emergency Medicine. I have come across a number of patients who have had aesthetic procedures performed by unqualified individuals with no medical knowledge leading to complications that included infections, deformities, necrosis and an overall undesirable, unsatisfactory appearance. After doing some market research I discovered that there are very few clinics that are purely run by medical professionals.

My interest in Dermatology and minor surgical procedures inspired me to start up an exclusive aesthetics brand that focuses primarily on safety and competency, not about numbers or a quick fix solution. Sculpted evolved as I wanted my clients to feel confident knowing that they are putting their faith and bodies into the hands of someone who has medically trained all their life gaining the right experience and necessary skills. We pride ourselves in the knowledge  that we provide the very best procedures in a safe and hygienic professional environment.

I started on this journey alone but within no time Sculpted has grown to include a group of doctors, dentists, and nurses that have extensive portfolios in this industry and share the same vision. I am a certified trainer and train delegates around the country and abroad and have trained the team at Sculpted to the same high level as myself. We constantly strive to bring the latest cutting edge technology and procedures ahead of the competition and are involved in constant development and improvement of our procedures according to latest medical research.

Sculpted by Doctors has been successfully branching out and has collaborated with Parkhill Healthcare Medical Centre and Face Envy Aesthetics in the past year alone.