IV vitamin treatment comprises of injecting a liquid mixture of vitamins and minerals through a small tube inserted into a vein. Its the most efficient way to make up for nutritional deficits and has been effective in aiding management of various conditions and general well being. 

*Nutrients absorbed quickly and directly into the bloodstream

*It provides higher levels of the vitamins and minerals in your body than if you got them from food or supplements 90% absorption

You can choose from the range of more than 15 types of drips and shots. And can opt to be a member of our “IV2U Drip Club” for special discounts and offers, to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



  • It is the multitude of all the goodness and well being squeezed into one drip for everything. It replenishes depleted vitamins and minerals with added benefits:
  • Anti ageing
  • Improved energy levels
  • Improves digestive health
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Conditions that have responded positively to the Myers’ cocktail treatment include asthma, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, pain, allergies, and sinus and respiratory tract infections.

IV Nutritional Therapy Benefits:

"Immune Booster"

Supercharge your immune system and help your body fight off illness. 

Anti fatigue

Prevent/reduce chances of viral/bacterial infections

Ideal for people with long term medical issues/autoimmune conditions and prone to allergies.

Energy Booster

Repeated and is not permanent

  • High dose of Vitamin B  and energy boosting vitamins along with magnesium that breaks down glucose into energy, recharging you for physical challenges or just recovering from a day to day tiredness.
  • Common symptoms of a deficiency in magnesium include fatigue, anxiety and irritability.
  • This booster is ideal for gym goers to kickstart their workout.

Sports Recovery

Fantastic way to speed up post-exercise recovery and boost athletic performance. Many top athletes utilize this treatment to help replenish their energy, stamina, and muscle recovery leading up to, or after an event. However, you don’t need to be an elite athlete to reap the benefits.

This treatment helps increase stamina and performance, aids in recovery and significantly decreases down time after training.

Detox/Hangover Cure

In the modern world, we are constantly awash with toxic substances through food and our environment. To increase the potential for optimal health maximizing the body’s detoxification pathways is an essential step in disease prevention.

Whether you are a seasoned detox devotee or a detox novice, this specially formulated IV treatment will help support your organs of elimination. This treatment contains powerhouse ingredients such as Vitamin C, N-acetylcysteine, glutathione, selenium and B-vitamins to help you achieve a quick, safe, and effective detox.

The Detox IV is highly recommended as part of a comprehensive detoxification program to help eliminate heavy metals and other toxic elements. This IV drip is also frequently utilized after a mercury amalgam removal dental procedure to bind any residual toxins.

Fun Fact: In Hollywood, this treatment is also known as the “Party Girl Drip”, popular with celebrities and partiers alike for its hangover curing, hydrating, and energy boosting effects.

Weight Loss

Weight loss IV therapy combines lipotropics, hydrating fluids, and a special formulation of vitamins to help boost your metabolism.

Weight loss IV therapy is a great cotherapy alongside exercise, healthy eating, and an active lifestyle.
IV weight loss treatments cannot replace exercise, act as a nutrition substitute, or fix metabolic disorders.
Eating right, exercising, and getting enough rest are key for healthy weight loss.
Losing weight is only half the battle. Maintaining your gains – and losses – is important for helping you maintain your long-term health.

IV Vitamin Therapy for Skin & Hair

This uses an infusion of hyaluronic acid to improve skin texture and remove wrinkles. Also helps to improve the hair vitality with a combination of B12 and Zinc

IV Vitamin therapy side effects:

Basically, there are no side effects of IV Vitamin Drips or Therapy.