Start your weight loss journey with Sculpted

Our Weight loss packages include:

• Slim Shot Injections

•Weight Loss Drips

• Diet Plan

Prices starting from £149

Starter Weightloss Plans

Sculpted by Doctors use a licensed weight loss medication to help you achieve a healthier BMI and reach your goal weight. Plans from £149 includes intensive aftercare and support to ensure you reach your desired goal weight

Injection & Oral Medicated Weight Loss

We use medicated weight loss to keep your hunger at bay. As a result, the treatment makes you feel fuller and less hungry; it is now easier than ever to eat less and feel satisfied. We offer these specific medications along side our support programmes so you can reach your goal weight and keep it off!

1 2 1 Support & Aftercare

Our specialised aftercare and support programmes are tailored to you so you can get the most out of your medication. Our UK registered nurse practitioners and clinicians are available 24/7 for intensive weight loss support.

Nutrition & Dietary Advice

The key to getting the most out of your medication is your diet. We have years of extensive research and knowledge so you can maximise your weight loss results. Our dietary plans are unique to us and are included in your plan.